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True Breaker Services

Circuit Breaker Overhaul
Retrofit kits

TRUE Breaker Services offers many services related to maintaining your Industrial low and medium voltage circuit breakers and switchgear. 

Circuit Breaker Overhaul

A TRUE circuit breaker overhaul consists of a complete breaker disassembly down to the frame. This is to ensure that we have removed all old lubrication. Once all the components are cleaned and inspected, we will paint or plate them as needed. Every circuit breaker overhaul receives new bearings, bushings, and electrical switches. During reassembly, each circuit breaker overhaul will receive a complete set of new retainers. Replacing all retainers is essential, seeing as how these items become brittle over time and should never be reused. TRUE Breaker Services uses Mobil 28 grease for reassembly on every circuit breaker overhaul, Mobil 28 is time tested and our recommended lubrication.  Once the circuit breaker overhaul is complete, we make all adjustments according to manufacturers’ recommended specifications and tested to meet industry standards. We label every clean and test with our durable test sticker, listing job number, location, and feeder. TRUE Breaker Services stands behind every circuit breaker overhaul with our one-year warranty.

Clean and Test

A TRUE clean and test is a full point-to-point inspection, looking for broken, worn, or missing parts. Each breaker is electrically tested to verify the proper functionality of every component. We then remove the arc chutes to clean movable and stationary contacts, removing all corrosion. The circuit breaker is thoroughly cleaned, removing all dust and visible grease. Before testing, all moving parts are spot lubricated and adjusted according to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. During final testing, we start with a contact resistance test and make any necessary adjustments to meet the manufacturer’s recommend resistance. We test each circuit breaker via primary injection to verify proper functionality of the overcurrent trip device under field-like conditions. We compare each test time to the manufacturer’s trip curve to ensure that the breaker is tripping within the recommended specification. Our final test is an insulation resistance test on both primary and secondary circuits. We label every circuit breaker clean and test using our durable test stickers, listing job number, location, and feeder.


Upgrade your old low-voltage circuit breakers with new solid-state trip units. We offer retrofit kits from all the top manufacturers. Newer conversion kits are custom made to replace legacy electromechanical overload trip devices and obsolete solid-state units. Most new solid-state trip devices give you wider flexibility of settings and functionality including communications, trip history, easy operation, and arc flash reduction options. When retrofitting low-voltage circuit breakers we replace overcurrent trip unit, wiring, CT’s, and trip actuator. After installing the retrofit kit, we will perform a primary injection test to ensure the proper functionality of every component. Retrofitting your breakers with solid-state trip units is a cost-effective way to extend your equipment’s life and increase its interrupting capacity. Our recommended retrofit kit manufactures offer over 5000 complete conversion kits.

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