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Circuit Breaker Overhaul
Retrofit kits

TRUE Breaker Services has the parts you are looking for your low or medium voltage circuit breakers and switchgear. 

Surplus Parts

The ability to replace and upgrade circuit breaker and switchgear components in your electrical equipment is a vital part of maintaining a safe and efficient system. We offer a wide selection of new and used parts from all the top manufacturers and work with other vendors to secure hard to find obsolete parts. 

Some of the breaker parts we offer are:


  • Shunt Trips and Close Coils

  • Under Voltage Release

  • Charging Motors

  • Micro Switches

  • Contacts 

  • Bearings 

  • Vacuum Interrupters

  • Primary and Secondary Disconnects

  • Substructure and Cubicle Parts

  • Front Covers / Escutcheons 

  • Racking Handle 

  • Actuators 

  • Flux Shifters

  • Operation Counters

  • Push Button covers

  • Trip units

  • CT's

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Offering Quality Parts
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Spare Breakers

TRUE Breaker Services can help you find a spare circuit breaker that fits your existing switchgear configuration. We have access to all the top manufacturers and hard to find obsolete low and medium voltage circuit breakers. We recommend retrofitting your spare to be more versatile with a new programmable overcurrent trip device to work for multiple feeders on the fly. 

We can help you set up a maintenance program that utilizes your spare circuit breakers to reduce outage time.


  Having a spare breaker is an essential part of any operation, so don’t be caught with your switchgear down and your breaker out.

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