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We offer many on-site services for maintaining low and medium voltage circuit breakers and switchgear.  

Circuit Breaker Testing

It is necessary to perform periodic tests on your low-voltage circuit breakers to ensure they will trip under overload and fault conditions. Whether it’s a planned outage or routine maintenance, we offer in-house and on-site circuit breaker testing programs to fit your needs. TRUE Breaker Service’s performers all standard circuit breaker tests found below.

Primary injection testing is the only means of providing an accurate test of all components of your overcurrent protection system. TRUE Breaker Service’s preferred method of testing overcurrent trip devices is via primary injection testing. 

Secondary current injection testing is designed to only test the solid-state trip device and trip actuator. We complete this test when primary injection testing is not an option. 

Insulation resistance test is a DC evaluation test that reliably shows moisture contamination or insulation breakdown. Insulation resistance testing of both primary and secondary circuits is essential to a proper circuit breaker test.

Contact resistance test. As your breakers age, the resistance increases throughout the copper components because of dry lubrication and repeated arcing.  We will complete a contact resistance test using a (DLRO) Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter.

We recommend that a low and medium voltage circuit breakers are tested and inspected at least every 1 to 3 years depending on service and operating conditions.

CO 2
Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is an environmentally responsible cleaning method. They make dry ice from reclaimed carbon dioxide that's produced from other industrial processes. Using dry ice reduces or eliminates employee exposure to chemical cleaning agents. When dry ice blasting media impacts, the pellet sublimates immediately expands its mass by nine hundred times causing microscopic shock waves to help remove contaminants. This process only affects the top layer of contaminants, leaving your equipment undamaged. During the clean process, the dry ice turns into a gas and requires no clean-up of the blasting medium only the dislodged media remains that can be easily swept up. This process is very effective when using it on switchgear, circuit breakers, motors, and almost anything hard to clean by traditional methods. Equipment that used to take days to clean now takes only hours and comes out cleaner than before.

MAC Testing

We offer on-site vacuum interrupter testing using a Magnetron Atmospheric Condition tester. They design vacuum interrupter to have a life expectancy of 20 years some have far surpassed this life expectancy. Vacuum interrupters are typically tested with a high potential tester that is a simple Go/No-Go test. High potential testing has its own disadvantages and still doesn't answer the question when will the interrupter fail? With a MAC tester, we can measure the internal pressure of an interrupter and over time build a curve to help predict the remaining usable life of a vacuum interrupter. Replacing vacuum interrupters before they fail can save your circuit breakers, contactors, and switchgear from unnecessary damage. 

Only experienced circuit breaker technicians should replace bad vacuum interrupters. Finding replacement interrupters has become a lot easier with OEM offering replacements, and with the high demand for replacement, we now have aftermarket OEM equivalents to choose from. Our circuit breaker technicians are experienced and dedicated to increasing the longevity of your equipment that uses vacuum interrupter technology.

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